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10 March 2008 @ 10:28 am
On occasion, I like to check my email's spam folder in search of words that could potentially be interpreted as machine-generated dadaist prose. Sure, most of the time I just find pretty blunt [and often quite laughable!] offers to increase the size of my man rod, invest my hard-earned money in a foreign bank, or dapple in the business of illegal prescription drug purchases. And while all of these sound like opportunities I must be a FOOL to pass up [cough, cough], sometimes the semantics tickle the creative part of my brain's fancy-- it's true that with enough bending and shaping, any collection of words, no matter how literally absurd, can be given a poetic context; don't you think? Backstory aside, I checked out ye ole home of e-mail-based indigent scum this morning to find quite the interesting little piece. Under a few captioned images that covered the whole spectrum of such aforementioned themes of e-mail spam, I found some words that sparked my interest. After the addition of a line break and some punctuative markings here and there, this was the finished product. Please do indulge if this be your thing!

I dislike when summer comes, Nicola
(Original title taken from subject line)

Written?/Transcribed?/Assembled by "oralia"

Little sea,
year see.
Across he, me live.

After that,
the once-up land at about those
of when
life is almost.
Father most; come house.

Her what?
small, long, important in said water.
Went hard,
took in another air.

Which home?
Hard towards then-while right.

Anymore, ways work.

Point important?
Which picture?
Five hand words,
often one against soon,
light and back.

This under-water set in play;
which way?
This animal told/tell/called,
"take kind, she home."

Several then between,
does them under.

And here is the original text if anyone is interested in tinkering around to inject a different interpretation:

Little sea year see. Across he me live. After that the once. Up land at about those of when life his almost. Father most come house.

Her what back small long important in said water. Went hard took in another air which home. Hard toward then while right any more ways work. Point important which picture five hand. Words often one against soon light and back.

This under water set in play which way this. Animal told tell called take kind she home. Several then between does them under.
UN CHARLOT ANDALOUasidrovehome on March 10th, 2008 03:37 pm (UTC)
ooh, ooh! I found another one! Not formatted yet, but here it is for the taking!

Title in subject line: be careful on your way and i forbid you from bringing
Assembled by: "latosha"

Without often two would four change side new in. Three above could read called whole they was part. Saw today not took near top only. While using answer try there through.

Country them side have home an think. Your best made should any best before had large told. Also several if these point days their four than. Like himself next did that get thought five began room.

After time since when with. Too will i sometimes between there below. Means school times below times when night. Often end day year. Were kind man than him keep will have. Day began name before made say never with.
Annabelle Bandit: inflatable glovepinksugardemon on March 11th, 2008 02:22 pm (UTC)
Wow. How come my spam is never that interesting?

Also: glad (and surprised) to see that there's anyone still active in this group. I kind of thought it had died. :P