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18 March 2006 @ 05:14 am
This one's for my girls!  
Too often in today's world we see the rich and famous and their notorious behaviors highlighted in the magazines and newspapers, and general media we consume. Although I must admit that I participate (sometimes) in the fanatical worship/water-cooler fodder mentality that this produces, I find that this does not pertain to the actual functioning of daily life. We really don't think to emphasize the things we love about each other, assuming that what we think about the other people they must feel through some strange telepathy. It is rare indeed that we open up to those we regard as close friends, and the things we learn are secrets we hold in our hearts. This morning I had the privilege of sharing with two beautiful women and I feel all the more trusted and rich knowing that they have confided in me. What started out as a silly game turned into a bonding session I will never forget. And although I promise to keep your secrets safe (cross my heart) I wish to say a few things left unmentioned. These girls are of the rare type that truly inspire because they are real women who take the time to listen and share their true thoughts and feelings, as well as listen to their friends and not pass judgment. To you both, I say thank you and hope that you know that I am truly lucky to know you both, and will treasure the times we share always and forever. And now, for those of you who have read thus far, I offer an homage to two truly remarkable girls.

Katie Kay: First of all, I admire your quiet patience. You have the solid foundation that often seems lacking in people walking this earth. You've got a good head on you're shoulders, but still manage to keep a tender heart (not an easy task) and gentle manner. And yet, you know when it's time for fun and games. You have a wonderful imagination and constantly keep us guessing. You're smart and funny, a dangerous combination, your dry sense of wit is a trademark that will last through the ages. I admire your honesty and candor as you shared yourself with us. You are generous and kind, qualities that give you a beauty that radiates from within. Your patience in matters of the heart is something to be proud of, and I envy you for such a quality.

Annabelle: To quote Poe (from his own Annabelle Lee),"And this maiden she lived with no other thought
Than to love and be loved by me." You're views on love and life are grand enough to turn anyone into a hopeless romantic. You are upbeat and wonderful, crazy and hopeful. Your wonder and creativity are inspiring, traits not found often enough in the indifferent world surrounding us. You are honest and supportive, and express only your true feeling and emotions. You are fun (there's no better way to say it!) and time spent with you is precious indeed. You always make me laugh and are supportive of everyone you know in practically every way you can be. Anyone who knows you finds you endearing and charming, and you are a presence to be admired. You have a wild streak that loves to play along, but also a serious side that yearns to protect. You are sweet and compassionate, as well as possessing a confidence that adds to your infinite beauty.

As I said before, both of these ladies are ones I hold dear in my heart and thoughts. They are both fantastic examples of the human species, and yet they will downplay it or laugh it off with a self-deprecating joke if you told them so. I feel truly blessed and honored to call you both my friends, and wished to share how I felt. I love that you both are honest and supportive, but most of all real. I know that this isn't the type of entry that was expected when we first established the guidelines for this journal, but what would great literature be if it wasn't based on the richest of non-fictional characters?
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